I have been receiving many frequent questions regarding the Breed Retriever of Labrador, one of the you doubt more frequent it is dealt with the matter lineage AMERICAN or ENGLISH, in the sense of trying to explain is doubts, expressed my opinion below and of many of the most serious breeders from Brazil and of the world.

Actually two "LINEAGES" of Labrador don't exist, the one that happens is that we have origin dogs (origin) American or Canadian, or European (England, Sweden, Norway and etc...), Relevant PHYSICAL DIFFERENCE doesn't EXIST among the types, besides being practically identical the patterns of the breed adopted for AKC (American Kennel Club) and FCI (Federation International Cinologica-Belgium).

What happens actually is that some breeeders evil deliberate takes their customers to believe that this differentiation exists, they put is not true, and I will try to explain the origin of this controversy.

In the decade of 50 Brazil received many American executives that came to Brazil that time for work in the a lot of multinationals that settled in the parents. With them, their families a and their dogs. Thatīs the way we in Brazil met the first labradors. These dogs were not dogs of Show. They were how we called, affectionately, Pet quality, dogs that show all of the qualities of the temperament of an authentic Labrador, but that has some physical deficiencies, as for instance substance lack, long tail, clear eyes, among other lacks.

In this time for the assumed Brazilian breeders absolute ignorance, they thought Labrador AMERICAN was like this.... LIGHTER.... HIGHER..... with less substance, only that actually this doesn't correspond the TRUTH, because as i said previously, the AMERICAN dogs that arrived here in that time WERE NOT EXACTLY THE BEST OF the BREED.... and yes PETS. Therefore they could not serve as PARAMETER for definition of TYPE.

In the course of time, some "Breeders" they invented this recounts of English and American Lineage, to justify the BAD QUALITY of their creations.... for instance if a creator had an extremely light and high brood... he soon said... AMERICAN lineage.

In my opinion, that actually doesn't pass of an extreme NONSENSE.... that any serious breeder doesn't admit to hear, and that unhappily are forced to explain for a lot of people.

Roberto Rodrigues