When she will build any thing we should always begin by doing a relationship of the items to they be incorporate to the project.

Leaving of the premise etológica looked for, inside of the possible, to provide to the dog a life the closest possible of the natural life that he would have in his/her habitat. The dog, as descending direct of the wolf, it is an animal toqueiro, he/she lives at burrows, like this, the ideal kennel would be a hole in which only he would fit inside.

As the dog is tamed" in other words, forced to live together in domestic atmosphere, he will have to be handled in agreement with our convenience, once we will be us the responsible for the maintenance of the cleaning and of the treatment of that animal.

Necessary minimum area to shelter a dog or a couple.

Comfortable necessary: covered area (I shelter), solarium area, cooks and dependences, walker.

The sun as the most important medicine for the health and prevention of diseases the position for better sun incidence the use of the solar radiation as environmental sterilizer.

Pieces of furniture and utensils bed, waterworks with automatic drinking fountain, and sanitary system and of cleaning.

Thermal protection against the cold and the heat. Ventilation.

Praticidade - to the calm and silent kennel

I handle (cleaning - products and frequency, etc..)

Administrative group: office of administration of the kennel, pantry,

Bath room, shears and cares veterinarians,


Isolation room or quarantine.

Swimming pool.

1. Necessary minimum area to shelter a dog or a couple.

As we already saw, the dogs don't need a lot of space to shelter. As smaller, that is, closer of his/her size, so much happier he will be. It is for that that the" dog" houses make so much success among the canine teeth. However, like us we needed to enter for the service of cleaning, the minimum height of the door should be of two meters.

When I began, I made a kennel with a door of 80 cm of height thinking for the dog would be the ideal... and it was. But after two months beating with the head to enter and to leave, I decided to increase the height of the door.

The second problem that appeared was it of the necessary minimum area so that the dogs were a little more comfortable, even in day of rain. He/she was born like this the table.
For dogs of great load (German dogue) a room of 2 m x 2 m or be 4 m2 A lying German dogue occupies an area that measures 1,50 m x 1,50 m and he/she will have a rest of 50 cm to move and if it turns in his/her bed.

For dogs of medium load (bóxer) a room of 1,5 m x 1,5 m or be 2,25 m2 A bóxer occupies 1 m x 1 m and he/she will have a rest of 50 cm, more 0,50 cm in the width for a human's of a room passage for the other.

For dogs of small load (poodle toy) room of 1 m x 1 m or be 1 m2 A poodle toy occupies 0,50 m x 0,50 m and he/she will have 50 cm to move and more 0,50 cm in the width.

In the case of being a couple, it can be put a bunk bed in accordance low plant and cut, but the necessary area would be the same. Many dogs adore to sleep on top.

2. Comfortable necessary:

Covered area (I shelter), it is exactly the area commented on in the previous item, in agreement with the load of the animal.

Solarium area, for dogs of great load (German dogue) maintaining the same width of the solarium and so that the dog can rehearse a small race of two or three steps the length should be of six meters. for dogs of medium load (bóxer) it should be of three metros.para dogs of small load (poodle toy) two meters. He/she cooks and dependences should be projected a kitchen so that, eventually, can her, in the hours of rest, to cook some varied thing for the dog not to lose the taste for the ration which is habituated. The palate of the dogs is similar to ours. The dog is descending of carnivore but it is omnívoro, he eats of everything, and it likes to vary the palate like us.

That kitchen should be big enough to have a table to put the dispersed pots and to facilitate the distribution of the feeding. The ideal is to have a pushcart to transport all of the pots of only one time.

Walker - an enclosed area, acimentada, rough, of easy cleaning where the dog can stay taking sun relatively for a time long: 2 hours. That area should be, at least of 50 m2 - 10 m x 5 m. for a couple of dogs of medium load.

3. The sun as the most important medicine profilático for the health and prevention of diseases the position for better sun incidence the use of the solar radiation as environmental sterilizer.

We know about the importance of the sun for the health of our dear dogs.

The best period is it of the morning, between the 7 and the 10 hs. The one that few people know is that the kennel should be returned in front of the direction from where is born the sun in the winter so that, on that schedule, the sun can penetrate even at the room. The sun has a fantastic power to eliminate eventual bacteria of the feces, besides favoring the osteogênese (ossification) for the induction to the production, for the organism, of the vitamins A+D3.

4. Pieces of furniture and utensils

The bed should be built with special wood lasts, that he/she doesn't deteriorate easily with the bitten constants of the dogs... The wood that more it is adapted to the making of the bed for dogs is IPÊ. I have ipê beds with 18 years of use... supporting besides the roídas of the dogs, constant washes with chlorine and lava-jet machine.

The waterworks is similar to it of a condominium, driving drinking water the all of the boxes with the built-in piping. It is advisable the installation of an automatic drinking fountain very used in suinocultura, so that the dog he/she will always have fresh water.

Of any way, automatic or no, the bebedouros should be fastened in an of the songs, close to the bedroom, under roof, but outside so that, if he plays with water, don't wet his/her atmosphere of sleeping and, if he tries to destroy, the drinking fountain will be fixed.

The sanitary system should be the most practical possible, to facilitate the cleaning and not to burden the operational costs.

As they can observe in the low plant and in the longitudinal cut, when washing the kennel with a pressure hose, all of the dejections are" swept" outside of the kennel through an opening, in the ground, of 6 cm under the prefabricated concrete block ahead of the sidewalk and that he/she extends along the whole width of the solarium. The ditch that is under the grill (Low Plant) he/she runs along all of the kennels obeying an inclination of 10% and it transports the feces and the urine for the septic tank.

5. Thermal protection against the cold and the heat. Ventilation.

The walls should be made with mud bricks, chapiscadas and covered with a mass of cement-and-sand or tiles, to avoid that the dogs, to the they scratch the walls, make holes. The bricks maintain a mattress of air among their surfaces, conserving the ideal temperature. The roof owes flagstone being with a roof made with the madeirame and the tied tiles, also forming a mattress of air between the tile and the flagstone, impeding, in that way that as much the heat of the sun as the cold of the rain they reach the atmosphere in which the dog is accommodated.

6. Praticidade to a more silent kennel

A kennel should never be separate from the other for grating or screen. Technically it is an incoherence to allow that two separate dogs for a wall see each other and pick one on the other. Besides they bark one for the other in full time, impeding that you/they rest, undergo digestion and recover emotionally, when loosened, unfortunately they will fight.

In our kennel we have total silence in most of the day and of the night with more than 70 accommodated dogs. They only bark when it is served the lunch and dinner.

7. I handle (cleaning - products and frequency, etc..)

The service of cleaning of the kennel should just be made with abundant water.

The disinfection is made with chlorine, removing all the animals until that it is washed abundantly and the smell has if vanished. The frequency of that desinfeção will depend on the total population of the kennel. A creation kennel with only a couple of dogs that desinfeção will once be able to proceed a month.

With more than twenty copies advised the weekly desinfeção.

Ticks and fleas THE control of parasites should be rigorous. Avoid the organofosforados use (defensive agricultural in disuse). The most correct, although more expensive, is to apply in the dogs products that protect them, temporarily, of the fleas and ticks and to eliminate them, of the walls of the kennel, with boiling water (machines of producing steam to 140th).

8. Administrative group:

Office of administration of the kennel, is important that you make a historical control of the dogs and, mainly, the control of the expenses. The cachorreiro is very near to an unnecessary expense, mainly with vitamins and anabolizantes.

Pantry, prepare a dry and fresh place to keep the ration sacks, rice, maize flour or any nutritious product destined to the consumption of the dogs. Also have a freezer to make a stock of bones for the dogs gnaw.

9. Bath room, shears and cares veterinarians

His/her kennel should have a room to treat of the dogs: to brush everyday, to give baths, eventually to shear an animal that needs. A place where his/her veterinarian can examine their dogs.

Our kennel has a room of Bath & it Shears and a clinic for the responsible veterinarian to work with plenty comfort.

10. Maternity,

If you will make creation, he/she should think about an isolated atmosphere and of easy cleaning to serve as maternity. With maternity I want to say an atmosphere, exempt of external influences, where the female dog will give birth to their nestlings and she will take care from them to the weaning.

The pregnant woman, parturiente or infant needs safety's sensation and inviolability of his/her nest.

11. Isolation room or quarantine

With exclusive access for the room of veterinary cares. When one of yours gets sick, you will need to preserve the other animals, then he/she will need a safe place to maintain him/it under observation during the treatment.

12. Swimming Pool.

It is an optional importantíssimo. Most of the dogs that it doesn't live together with the water, swiming, jumping inside etc. when it reaches the adolescence is with fear and that can cart his/her death for lack of experience, in case he falls unaware in a swimming pool, for instance. Besides, the swimming is one of the most complete exercises for any race, because it exercises all of the muscles.

The round swimming pool is the ideal swimming pool because you can make an exercise contínuo. Swiming in circle some times in a sense other times in the another trains a side of the dog of every time, besides exercising the lateral musculature of the abdomen.

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